MAT12x-Spring 2015

MAT12x – Intermediate Algebra
Spring 2015

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Resources, Assignments, Materials for Spring 2015

Intermediate Algebra – Workbook – Fourth Edition

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Mini Lesson Worksheets Mini Lesson Videos Practice Problems/End of Lesson Assessments
Lesson 1
Introduction to Functions
Lesson 2
Functions & Function Operations
Lesson 3
Linear Equations &
Lesson 4
Linear Functions & Applications
Lesson 5
Introduction to
Exponential Functions
Lesson 6
More Exponential Functions
Lesson 7
Logarithms &
Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 8
Introduction to
Quadratic Functions
Lesson 9
Solving Quadratic Equations

Bonus Videos!!!!

Lesson 10
Radical Functions
Lesson 11
Rational Functions
Lesson 12
Course Review
 Lesson 12 is a review lesson. There are no specific videos for this lesson.